Legends of Disney Mystery Box LIVE!

Legends of Disney Mystery Box LIVE!

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You will be emailed a link to watch your unboxing Live! Final item(s) may be a different size and or image style (slight variations), but always the same signer(s).


Legends of Disney Mystery Box Includes:

1 Signed Funko POP! or Prop

2 Additional Signed Items


Our biggest box ever with 50+ different Disney signers!

35 Unique Funkos!

If you purchase 3 boxes youre guaranteed 1 CHASE! box

(Black Friday Special: 1 in 2 boxes is a guaranteed CHASE! box)

New signers + all of your Disney favorities! 

43 total box variations w/ 29 CHASE! box variations


If you order multiple boxes at a time those mystery box items will be combined into 1 box for shipping. If you want to receive individual wrapped mystery boxes, please order them individually.

No refunds or exchanges as all items are a mystery!