Val Kilmer Send In Option Pre-Order

Val Kilmer Send In Option Pre-Order

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Send in option and online orders due no later than June 7th:

Please choose one of the options from the dropdown menu to send in for Val Kilmer's last send in signing opportunity. If you are sending in a comic and would like to have it witnessed for CGC, please choose the CGC Comic option. If sending in a prop please keep in mind that we are not accepting Hats or Guns for this signing. This is a signature only signing, there will be no character names or quotes.

Send in Options:

8x10 Photo: $200

DVD, VHS: $200

11x14 Photo: $210

11x17-12x18: $210

Magazine: $210

16x20 Photo: $225

Comic: $250

Funko: $250

Small Action Figure: $250

CGC Comic: $300

Batarang/Mask: $300

Full sized Poster: $300

Die Cast Car: $300

Statue Base: $300

Prop: $300 (No Hats or Guns Please!)


Please ship your send in along with your order confirmation to:

OC Celebrity Marketing LLC


128 Holiday Ct.

Unit 120

Franklin, TN 37067