How to Mail-In your personal Item

Our Address:
OC Celebrity Marketing
128 Holiday Ct. Unit 120
Franklin, TN 37067
1. Pack your item carefully and securely. We are not responsible for any damage or loss during shipping to us. Please package your item carefully and send it to us with tracking. We do NOT notify you when we receive your item, but we do send you tracking once your item ships back to you. 
2. We provide Beckett Authentication free of charge with each order, except for Comic Books and previously signed send in items. If you order a multi-signed item that we provide this will include the Beckett authentication. If you do not want an authentication sticker on your item, please let us know by placing a post-it on your item that indicates this. 
3. Personalization or quotes: For items that we offer personalization, character name or a short quote that you are sending in, please have a post-it note on the front of your actual item (not on protective cases) with your request. We have an extremely high success rate for getting inscriptions that are requested, such as personalization’s, character names and quotes, however we cannot guarantee them. If for any reason you pay for an add on and do not receive it, we will refund you the additional cost of the inscription. 
4. Pen Color: If there is a specific pen color you would like used for your order please include that information on a post-it note on your item (not on the protective cases). We cannot guarantee this color will be used but we will do our best to follow your request. 
5. Please label each item you send us with a post-it-note on the back of your actual item (not on protective cases) with the following information: 
  • Your Order Number 
  •  Your Full Name used on your order 
  •  Your Phone Number 
  •  Your Address 


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